PVC membrane reinforced with polyester mesh with improved flexibility
  • Longevity. The service life is over 30 years
  • Advanced fire safety characteristics – G2
  • Installation is easy
  • High strength
  • Repairability of the system
  • Warranty from 10 years and more
  • Site visits by TechnoNICOL engineers, inspection, designer supervision, and supervision of installation
  • A wide range of components


A PVC LOGICROOF membrane reinforced with polyester mesh with improved flexibility. A polymer roofing membrane based on a foundation of high-quality plasticized polyvinylchloride (PVC). It is stabilized against UV radiation through use of the TRI-P® system. Contains fire-retardants and special stabilizers. It has enhanced elasticity for easy installation at low temperature. The front surface can have a special non-slip embossing.

Area of application

PVC membrane reinforced with polyester mesh. Used as a waterproofing layer in roof systems with mechanical fastening. The membranes remain elastic at low temperatures and can be used in all climatic zones according to SP 131.13330.2012. The product must have no direct contact with materials containing bitumen, solvents, or foamed heat insulators (EPS, XPS, PIR, foamglass).


Colors light gray, white, red, green, blue
Reinforcement Polyester mesh
Thickness, mm 1.2; 1.5; 1.8; 2
Strength at maximum stress, MPa 1100
Specific elongation when broken, %, not less than 19
Water absorption by weight, %, no more than 0.2
Bend point on R=5 mm beam, °C -50
Resistance to static loading, 250 N x 24 hours 20
Flammability group G2


The whole length of a roll is packaged in plastic wrap, the rolls are placed on pallets in a horizontal position, no more than three layers high, and fastened with straps or other materials. The product is supplied in rolls of 2.10 x 25-15 m, depending on the thickness of the material.

Membrane thickness, mm Width x length of a roll, m Number of rolls per pallet
1.2 25 x 2.1 18
1.5 20 x 2.1 18
1.8 15 x 2.1 18
2 15 x 2.1 18


The rolls of PM should be stored on pallets, sorted by type, in a dry room or under an awning, in a horizontal position, no more than two layers of rolls high and at a distance of at least 1 m from any heating appliances.

Pallets with PM can be temporarily stored (for a period of no longer than 5 days) three rows high, provided the weight of the upper pallets is evenly distributed over all the rolls of the bottom rows using wooden boards or pallets.

Pallets with PM can be temporarily stored (for a period of no longer than 5 days) in the open air, in unopened, original packaging.

Guaranteed storage life of PM is 18 months from the date of manufacture.


Fire safety certificates

Fire safety certificate: LOGICROOF, ECOPLAST PVC membrane


Conformation certificate LOGICROOF
Resistance to dynamic wind forces LOGICROOF


Кашемировая фабрика GOBI, Монголия
Автомобильный завод Derways, г. Ставрополь
Горноперерабатывающий комплекс на базе месторождения «Вертикальное»
ТЦ "МЕГА", г. Новосибирск
Бассейн спортивно-оздоровительного комплекса «Южный меридиан» (Южный Федеральный университет)



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